Saturday, April 29, 2017

Aspire to Inspire#7: Don't just be passionate, become THE Best!

“Follow your passion” is BAD advice.

Actually... scratch that.

“Follow your passion” is TERRIBLE advice.

Not only is it making you LESS happy with your life, it’s
keeping your broke, overworked, frustrated and depressed.

The reason I mention is because I’m here to help you... and
helping you means eliminating the ineffective beliefs and
attitudes that you have.

The belief that “follow your passion” is good advice is a
BIG problem.

After speaking with thousands of people who aren’t satisfied
with their lives... who don’t have as much money as they’d
like... who aren’t as healthy, strong or attractive as they
want... and who struggle with inferiority and a fear of
failure... you know what I’ve discovered?

People who are STUCK in life almost always believe in the
“follow your passion” advice.

They believe that the reason they haven’t yet found the
happiness they want is because they haven’t found the
“right” work yet.

“Oh I’m trying”, they say. “I’m so close to finding my
passion I can taste it”.

They believe that if they could just figure out what their
passion is... what they love to do... then everything would
start to work, they’d begin making money and their life
would turn around.

Well, it’s time for a tough truth:

This “follow your passion” path to success is a dead-end.

It does NOT work.

You’ll NEVER find your passion this way.

In fact, if you persist in this way of thinking, you’ll
never be successful in life, regardless of how noble your
aims are.

The secret to success in life... and to generating more
money than you can spend in a lifetime... is this:

Be so good that they can’t ignore you.

In other words, getting wealthy isn’t about following your
passion but about developing your skills and life to the
point where you have something to OFFER to the world.

Because here’s something you need to understand:

The things that make a good life good - things like freedom
to travel, money to buy a car and other things, lots of
friends, health - are rare and valuable.

Here’s the kicker:

If you want something rare and valuable, you have to offer
something rare and valuable in return.

If you want to buy a diamond ring, you either have to pay
tens of thousands of dollars, or trade something of equal
value for it.

That’s because a diamond ring is rare and valuable.

And because the diamond ring is rare and valuable, it’s

The life that you want... the life of freedom, abundant
money, no more living paycheck to paycheck... whatever it is
that you dream of...’s all POSSIBLE.

You CAN have the life you want.

But you will not get there by trying to “follow your

You’ll get there by making a firm decision and commitment to
being “so good they can’t ignore you”.

Will it take time and effort?


But is this path more reliable than any path you’ve tried


In fact, the “be so good they can’t ignore you” path is so
reliable that if you to truly commit to it, you’re almost
guaranteed to be successful beyond your wildest dreams.

Now, please understand that this approach does not mean
doing work you hate.

You’ll actually find that not only is the “so good they
can’t ignore you” approach more effective at getting you to
your dreams, it’s also much more satisfying.

I mean, think about it...

When you’re entangled in feelings of inferiority and
unworthiness, struggling with your fear of failure, feeling
emotionally blocked and totally stuck... it fun?

Of course not.

Look -

Your current approach to making more money has NOT been

It’s time to try a new approach.

The “so good they can’t ignore you” approach.

If you want to become healthy, wealthy and wise, you need to
become so good they can’t ignore you.

This is the SWITCH to making more money than you could spend
in your lifetime.

So then -

How do you activate the switch?

How do you actually become “so good they can’t ignore you”?

As Confucius said... 

“Study the past if you would define the future.”

In other words, if you want to become “so good they can’t
ignore you”, study successful people.

Problem is, you’ve been reading self-help books on modern
day success stories.

That’s better than nothing, but the real trick is going back
thousands of years... before there ever was such a thing as
self-help... and revisiting some of the most successful
people OF ALL TIME... who made their dreams come true
without reading a single book on “The Secret” or anything
remotely similar.

It’s with the ancients that we’ll glean the greatest
insights on success and wealth attraction known to man.

How did 3 ancient kings who created virtually unlimited
money and power despite incredible challenges?

And what are some specific lessons and insights from their
lives that you can use to get better results in your own

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