Saturday, April 29, 2017

Auto: Porsche officially "spices up" New Kingston

So it was, that after weeks of enduring the curious stares of  New Kingston's clerical/professional army, the latest venture of the ATL Automotive Group made it "official" on Saturday night with the official unveiling of what is now known as the Porsche Centre Kingston.

ATL Automotive, in typical pathbreaking fashion, had leased the ground floor of a building from property conglomerate Pan-Jam Investment Limited, space that was previously occupied by IBM Jamaica. The international computer business has moved up to the second floor of the building.
CEO of ATL Group, Adam Stewart, called the opening of the showroom " a dream come true" and maintained that through his terrific team, his company will "rock the brand" in Jamaica, a confidence evidently shared by the Porsche Latin America connections, who were on hand to express their own good wishes to the latest addition to their stables. 
ATL acquired the local dealership for Porsche last year, extending its partnership with Volkswagen, whose brands it sells from showrooms at Oxford Road, which is on the outer edges of New Kingston.
The event, understandably, drew A-listers (and aspirants) in droves, and even some who may not have been though to be a-list, but came prepared to splash the cash for a new Porsche, be it a "basic" Macan for a measly 15mil, or the truly outstanding Cayenne Turbo for about 34mil. With German-themed canapes and plenty of drinks to go around, there was enough to loosen a few pocketbooks, sorely tempt others, and fuel fantasies.

And, withe storied 911 soon to arrive, Knutsford Blvd is set to be buzzing for some time to come.

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