Saturday, May 20, 2017

Aspire to Inspire #11: More Energy

Everything is one thing and that my friend, is ENERGY! People, plants, buildings, nature, air, sea, cars, electricity etc… EVERYTHING IS MADE UP OF ENERGY! Practically the whole universe! Energy is also the measure of ones mental, emotional, physical and spiritual capacity to take action on an activity. Here, we’ll be talking about the kind of energy that makes you FEEL ALIVE and passionate, like living on FIRE everyday. Don’t worry, not the fire you think, but the burning passion from within you that makes you get "OBSSESSED" over it doing what you love and having a more meaningful and fulfilling life. My goal is to empower you to have more of such days as though you are aligned with your life purpose, and having a solid-strong driving force behind you which makes you feel like you’re living your dream life, purposefully, powerfully and peacefully! With MORE energy, you’ll be able to ACCOMPLISH BIGGER TASKS and DO MORE so you’ll IMPACT more people! With MORE energy, you’ll have more "STAMINA" to stay on course in whatever you choose to do! With MORE energy, you’ll be able to CREATE more quality work and value! Enough said, let’s flip those switches and ACTIVATE your very own source of unlimited energy NOW!

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