Friday, July 28, 2017

Watches: Hardy's Omega "saves" Dunkirk

Tom Hardy’s watch in Dunkirk has been identified as an Omega “RAF” 1940 reference CK2129. Image:
*Minor spoiler alert* It’s not unusual for a watch to play a starring role in a movie. Often it’s the prop that shows a countdown in a race against time, or it’s a sentimental object, or an indicator of personal style.  In the rather stupendous Christopher Nolan mega-production that is Dunkirk (I’m still a little woozy on my feet a day after watching it on an IMAX screen), it’s very much the former. Without giving too much away, Tom Hardy’s character, a Spitfire pilot in the Royal Air Force, must use his watch to calculate the amount of fuel he has left when his gauge is smashed by enemy fire.
The repeated reference to the watch as the movie hurtles on clearly shows an Omega branded watch, that has been confirmed by an employee at Omega to be the Omega “RAF” 1940, ref CK2129, which was delivered to Great Britain’s ministry of Defence in 1940. Hats off to Christopher Nolan for bothering to research and then source such an authentic watch for the role. Nolan is known for his obsessive attention to detail (read this story about how he made Harry Styles tie his army boots differently to be more true to the era), it’s brilliant to see his focus extends all the way to the wrists of his lead characters.
Tom Hardy’s watch in Dunkirk has been identified as an Omega “RAF” 1940 reference CK2129, pictured. Image:

Historical information about the Omega “RAF” 1940, reference CK2129

A note dated January 5, 1940 is an “urgent order by the sales subsidiary Omega Watch Co. London (client 1150) for 2000 watches equipped with a rotating bezel and intended for Royal Air Force crews. Delivery from the 10th of March 1940 to Goldsmiths and Silversmiths, purveyors to Her Majesty.” This is republished in the (amazing) Omega tome, A Journey Through Time.
- Time + Tide magazine

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