Monday, April 8, 2019

Music: Late, But Still Great, the RIFFs

THE RIFF’ 4/5/19: Bob Marley’ “ Talkin Blues" and 21st Century Blues  by Fantastic Negrito.’WAKANDA’ from the soundtrack of Black Panther. A Soca Remix of Koffee “Toast” Hook Shop’ “Magic” “Style and Pattern by Royal Blu. Third World’
Remix of "Loving You Is Easy” featuring Hawaii’ Fiji. MUSIC OF EMPOWERED WOMEN: Taina Asili’ ‘ RESILIENCIA’ ‘QUEENDOM’ by Analea Brown.

‘THE SUNDAY RIFF’ 4/7/18: “Night Passage” a “Live” Weather Report flashback. Singer Omar and saxophonist Courtney Pine team up on a new album. the music of Bassist and Leader, Christian McBride’s Inside Straight.

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