Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Business: Entrepreneurs to Converge on Pegasus in July

The Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM)  will host the 4th annual  Conference International Conference on Business and Management at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel from July 10 through 12, 2019, under the theme, “Delivering on the Promise of Entrepreneurship.”

Executive Director Dr David McBean said the aim of the Conference was to help facilitate the fulfillment of the promise of entrepreneurship in the region. “What we are offering with this event is a deeper interrogation of the state of entrepreneurship, theory and practice, in order to build a a strong conceptual and empirical base from which to launch future development efforts,” he said.
He added that as an area of research, teaching and practice the discipline has also grown to accommodate a number of sub-streams, including social entrepreneurship. In many small, developing, island and emerging contexts these terms have assumed greater currency in the last decade or two.
The Conference aims to bring together business practitioners, business scholars, philanthropists, the public sector, and civil society, to share best practices, interrogate theory, concepts and methodologies, and engender new ideas at the intersection of business, philanthropy, capital, innovation and society.
Included among these ideas are Impact Investing ( a corollary of social entrepreneurship); Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship in the City; Transforming Conference presentations into Journal Publications; The Legal and Regulatory Environment for Social Enterprise, and Social Enterprise and Social Entrepreneurship. Sub-topics include Strengthening Youth Entrepreneurship; Managing and growing family-owned businesses; Going Public and the cultural and creative economy,

A range of notable local and overseas speakers from both academia and industry will make presentations over the course of the 3- day event. The programme will also include Networking sessions for entrepreneurs, special interactive sessions,
and an impact investment masterclass.
The conference is presented with the support of New Fortress Energy, Development Bank of Jamaica(DBJ), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), business education publishers  Pearson and Entrepreneurs Across Borders.

 Established in 2012, Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM) evolved from the merger of the former Mona School of Business (MSB) – which had a 25-year history of delivering master’s level business management education - and the Department of Management Studies (DOMS), with its own rich 42-year history of delivering undergraduate and graduate management programmes.
MSBM offers undergraduate (B.Sc.) degree programmes as well as post-graduate programmes in a variety of business and management disciplines. MSBM complements its unique academic programmes with cutting edge consultancy services and public policy research, the principal business objective being to provide decision makers with expert advice for handling their most critical strategic issues. 

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