Friday, October 25, 2019

Music: Wareika Hill and "Strong End": The RIFFs This Week

THE RIFF’ 10/25/19: A returning Riff. “Music is the Only Redeemer” A soul dub style by Noiseshaper; Nambo; Cherie with Sly & Robbie. GLOBAL REGGAE VOICES: “Hypnotized Again” by Black Seeds; “Strong End” by INDUBIOUS. New Orleans Trombone Shorty meets Haiti’ Lakou Mizik. “Glad To Be” by Jesse Royal featuring, Randy Valentine. ANSWERING REGGAE’ CALL: Brittany’ FAYGO. Their new album “Together”
ALTERNATIVE FEMALE VOICES: Adrianna Clark; Marla Brown; Twiggi; Brady O’ Connor and Janine Jkuhl.

‘THE SUNDAY RIFF’ 10/27/19: PIANO POSSIBILITIES: “Facing Dragons” by Christian Sands; “Yesun” by Roberta Fonseca; “Wareika Hill” by Monty Alexander.


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