Monday, May 28, 2012

"Blind Shottas" will have its big night

Still from "Blind Shottas"
Ok, so its not the Carib, or any of the other Palace cinemas, but the Jamaican comedy Blind Shottas will have its Jamaican premiere, at the recently established Stages Theatre in the heart of New will run throughout this weekend (Jun1-3) with a strong possibility of an extended run.

Director Diavallan Fearon
Director Diavallan Fearon is making good on a previous assurance that the posted that the film will have a Jamaican premiere run following the decision by Palace Amusement not to accept the film for screening at it's locations.

That decision led the director and cast members to picket the gates of the Carib  Cineplex, attracting local media attention, with the claim that the exhibitor is biased against the production because its stars and crew originate from the innercity.

given the nature of the controversy, the first run is likely to attract significant public attention, regardless of how the film itself (which copped the top prize at the Reggae Film Festival earlier this year) fares.

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