Friday, July 8, 2016

Music: The"Noise" stayed, a classic rap-metal mash-up turns 25

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the release of the "Bring the Noise" single,which brought Public Enemy and Anthrax together to create one of the world's first rap/metal mash-ups.
“They kept saying, hey, let’s do this song… but I didn’t take them wholeheartedly,” Chuck told VH1 when asked about how the collaboration came about.
Anthrax's Scott Ian convinced Public Enemy that a collaboration could work by sampling the original 1988 cut of “Bring the Noise” from PE's legendary It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back and transposing it over cassette himself. “I told (drummer) Charlie Benante that I'd transposed the song. He heard it and said, 'This sounds f--king awesome!' so we cut a version and put it on a cassette...I sent it to Chuck to see whether he'd sing on it… I just told Chuck to play the tape and when he eventually did, he loved it," Ian recalled to Mojo magazine in January 2015.
Chuck heard the tape and didn't just agree to a single; Public Enemy enjoyed working with Anthrax so much that the two bands decided to go on tour together.
The song would go on to become a hit for both bands, and is credited with inspiring future generations of rap-rock mash-ups. While Chuck D admitted he was initially apprehensive when the collaboration was first pitched to him, he was proud of the results."It made a statement. It resonated,” Chuck D said. “That’s what you make music for.”
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