Thursday, April 25, 2019

Music: Miles & Bird, Sly & Robbie, and More, the RIFFs This Week

‘THE RIFF’ 4/26/19: Singer Claude Fontaine, records a debut album of her own songs, backed by reggae and Brazilian rhythms, after she heard both rhythms for the first time.

LOVERS SINGLES: “All Seasons Love” by Elijah Rocq and Third World’ “Loving You Is Easy” the
Remix, featuring FIJI. “Don’t Tell Me No” Freddy McGregor’ new single with Columbia’ Locos Por Juana. The Green’s acoustic album “Black & White” “Understand Yourself”, featuring Chronixx and trumpeter Theo Croker. THE FINAL BATTLE: Sly & Robbie vs Roots Radics, featuring Michael Rose; Brinsley Forde and The Mighty Diamonds.

‘THE SUNDAY RIFF’  4/28/19: “Kingmaker” the debut album of the 23 year old vibraphonist Joel Ross. A duo of guitarist Bill Frisell and Upright Bassist Thomas Morgan. “The Music Never Stops” singer Betty  Carter. Early Miles Davis with Charlie Parker, and “The Birth Of The
Cool Sessions”

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